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Draft Room Setup

Will you be able to make edits to the draft room?  I did a test run and the player names did not have much space.  Can you lower the font size like in previous versions?  Will you be able to change the sticker color for each position?

(68.4 KB)

Thanks for the heads up on that issue with the pick announcement helmet. That was fixed up in a recent build.

We'll definitely add the custom colors to the queue for future consideration!



This works great!  Thanks very much.  

Two more suggestions:

1 - If you can bring back the custom sticker colors like on the old version

2 - When a draft pick is selected,  replace the gold helmet with the drafting team logo


We just released a new build, which better optimized the cell size. In addition to this, we include a new tool called "Player Name Size", found in the Tools drop-down (see image below). This allows you to increase/decrease the player name font size on the Draft Board & Roster Board display.

Eric, I just put it in commissioner mode, the crown icon, and that lets you pick for all teams.

Check that, I'm having the same issues as Mils when drafting. The players drafted only have up to 5 characters max. 

Mils how did you do a test run? Can you select players for other teams or did you have to put them on Auto Draft? Do all teams need a Fan Duel account owner in order for a team to draft? 

Font size is perfect size for our league/page. No issues. Could be a CU issue?

This does not help too much.  Hopefully this can be adjusted in the future.


This is something we'll work on refining in the future, however, the majority of the time font sizes can be adjusted in-browser. 

Please see the link below, paying special attention to the "Zoom In/Out" portion of the text:

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