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Player Rankings

At the moment the owners and commish are unable to modify the player rankings. Will this be looked at?

The new site looks great overall. 

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Thanks for the input and details!
This is on our to-do list, but in all transparency, because it's a pretty big endeavour it's more likely to be a 2021 addition. 

Would like to see this myself.

To speed along our draft, I manually select the top 30 players based on our scoring parameters and rank them that way. Basically, we do not nominate the top 30, just let the rankings drive the order. After the 30 are gone, we begin our nominations.

Yes, would love to have this implemented. Seems like the current rankings are heavily favoring qbs.

Hi, any updates on this ?

This seems like a very important feature so all user in the league can use their own custom ranking in case they fall on autopick..

ideally, it can be custom, or imported from the official rankings from other fantasy sites (ESPN, SI, etc..)


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