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Pre-Draft Additions

I was wondering if you folks plan to bring back the option to input the stats from the prior year in the Pre-Draft Setup?  


Also, is it possible to put the Pre-Draft Notes in a bullet format similar to prior years?  I like to put additional stats that cover our whole league history, and they are a little more difficult to read if they aren't able to put in a bullet format.  This is how it looks even though I put it in a bullet format in the Team Notes section:



2 people like this idea the "pre-draft" the music options seem to have gone away....I had this setup in our big room with it cycling, and a super long version of GOT playing for the intro before we it's just blank and I'd have to run a music player or something.

And, I why no ability to have videos or anything rolling in the background for pre-draft...or be able to do like a powerpoint or something this rate, I'll probably just skip this software pre-draft as it does nothing.

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Agreed, so much customization has been removed.

100% agree here.  This is year 16 for us and we always would go over each team/owners history, similar to the way Jesse Dix mentioned.

Not nearly clean a look.  Needs to be similar to years past.

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