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Auction Commish Nomination


Please add the ability for a Commish to remove a GM from rotation (finished and no longer wants anymore players, but others behind him/her wants to continue).


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One workaround for this would be to simply spend the remaining amount of the owner money.

If an owner uses up all of their money, it was automatically bypass this team during nomination.

If the owner still has money and roster spots, but doesn't want to participate anymore, you could edit a past pick and make the amount enough to bring said owner to zero$.

Possibly, but that would skew that players salary when uploading to MFL, which means I would have to adjust.

Certainly a workaround, but maybe you can still keep it in mind. 

Never been a issue before when running a in-person draft, because we verbally run the nominations,

To expand on this... one of my other requests is to let a GM "Pass" on a nomination. To expand on that, maybe there could be an option to permanently pass. Two birds with one stone, per say...

Of course there would need to be a way to back that out if accidentally selected, but you see what I mean.

Just my thoughts...

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