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Player Pool Customization

Last year we were able to customize the player pool (i.e. pictures, teams, name, etc.). It was in the same area that you could assign keeper players. I was wanting to see if there were plans on adding that again. There are a significant amount of players without pictures assigned, and most of the players that do have pictures are slightly strange pictures. A response would be very welcome.

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Hi Jason,

We actually responded to this (as well as your other questions) via email, as you also sent them via a ticket.

If you did not receive those emails, please be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK box and/or look to see that the email is not being blocked by your ISP.

To answer you question though:

Unfortunately, we are sorry but there isn't a customizable way to change player photos in the new FanDraft product. The majority of player photos missing you may notice are actually related to the 2020 NFL Rookies, which unfortunately have been delayed in being produced by our vendor due to the current pandemic crisis. We will be working on getting these, as well as the IDP players added as they become available later in the summer.

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