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Draft report issues

I was running some test drafts, and when checking the reports after the draft I noticed a few issues. First, the Draft Summary report does not include the last pick from the last team in the last round. I checked this several times after a few practice drafts, and yep...the last pick in the draft does not appear in the teams roster on the report.

Fortunately, the last pick of the draft does indeed appear in the Draft Roster report for the last team, but this report does not include the position of each player, unlike the Draft Summary report that does include positions. 

It would really be great is the Draft Roster Report included player positions, but if that is not possible, I can always download the Draft Summary report and then do a custom sort for teams and positions...but I would need that last draft pick for the last team to appear on the Draft Summary Report. 

Could you please check on this and make a fix. Thanks a bunch.

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This is now fixed! Thanks for reporting this.

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This is now fixed! Thanks for reporting this.

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