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Commish always an owner in every league created?

I have used this product for years, and just bought this new format. Trying to get a feel for it and creating my leagues. I made 5 leagues, which I use as conferences for 5 drafts in our overall 50 team league, but every league I create puts myself, the commish, as a team owner, with my email and name. I only participate as an owner in 1 of my drafts. I need all my team spots in other leagues for other owners.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't change my name or email from this auto-created commish team for every league that I create. I have to be able to have 10 teams per league in which I am not included as commish. The old software allowed this easily. What's the deal? I cannot be in every league as commish. I need that team with their own owner names and email if they want to remote draft. This will not work at all. Is there some easy solution that I'm just missing?

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This is similar to the problem I’m having. The commissioner position needs to be flexible and swap able .

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