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Introduction Songs

In the desktop version, the 3 songs for each team rotated each round.  Our league loved that feature as we all anticipated what songs each team picked.  It would be great if that feature could be added.  It is too much work for the commissioner to manually change the songs.


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Just a heads up:

We have added several new "Team Song" customization options in our latest build:

Hi Damon...No, that is not what is taking place.

The previous user is referring to changing song TRACKS.

So tracks are now changed on a team-by-team basis, as opposed to in bulk or automatically.

We indeed are looking into adding back the ability to setup AUTOMATIC TRACK CHANGING, however, don't have an immediate timeline for this.

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Wow, I didn't even notice this...but if they changed it to manually have to start a song each time, that's absolutely worthless....terrible.

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