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Draft Test Mode

The way it's setup now, your draft is "auto started" and saves once you go in; as such, you really can't go through a test round or two just to make sure things are working.  I did this a lot in the previous version, just to make sure songs started up properly and other features were all working.

The way it is now, I can go through and do selections and such, but then I have to go back and manually delete or "go back" for each selection and start over.....

Needs a "test mode" that can just be deleted when you're done, but keep all your features...just want to test out the draft room

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You actually can easily and quickly reset the draft:


It's important to reset your draft after every mock/practice draft, as this will make sure the draft results get refreshed prior to your official draft.

After you have performed a practice draft, simply RESET it by clicking the (...) icon and then selecting "Reset Draft"

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