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Option to disable auction clock


In the past you could allow bidding without a clock, and then our live auctioneer determined when to click the "Start Countdown" button for "Going Once, Going Twice".  And then the auctioneer would again manually click to draft the player.  We found this provided a much more natural and exciting feel to the auction than being forced to bid on a ticking clock which automatically drafts the player at 0:00.  (We had done that once years ago and didn't like it, which is why we've used FanDraft since then.) 

Will you be able to support this workflow again in the new product?


Thanks so much for your recommendation!

We generally have two types of auction style users:

  1. Users whose leagues will be drafting fully online.
  2. Users who will draft in person, performing the auction portion in person and then entering the data post-facto.

In the second circumstance, these leagues will vocally perform the auction in-person, INCLUDING saying "Going Once, Going Twice..", before processing the pick.
In your specific circumstance, you may be better off simply loading up an MP3 player in the background with the audio, and clicking the play button whenever you want. You may find the easier and more efficient. 

I guess what I can't figure out is for your scenario 2, how do you stop the system from automatically starting the draft clock and auto-drafting the player when it hits 0:00?  I can't find a way to turn off the clock, or the auto-draft at 0:00. The only way I can see how to do it is to hit the Pause button, but I would have to remember to click Pause after every single player that is nominated.

There is an On/Off button for "Clock / Auctioneer", but it's under the Audio section and only turns off the audio, the clock still runs every time. 

Am I missing something else?  This is the more important part of my question.



Hi Adam,

While you can't "hide" the clock, here are a couple things to get the same effect:

  • You could set the clock at 10 minutes, as most auctions aren't going to take that long
  • You could PAUSE the clock once you enter the player for bid. This would allow an infinite amount of time.
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