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Option to transfer auction $ with player during trade


Please include the option that you previously had, to transfer salary during a trade and update each team's $ remaining.


Team A has $95 remaining and trades a player drafted for $30

Team B has $120 remaining and trades a player drafted for $20

After the trade team A has $105 and team B has $110.

Thank you

Hi Adam,

This actually already exists, as the "AMOUNT:" field.

Please let us know if we are misunderstanding your request though.

Yes, technically I can use that feature, but it is not intuitive.  When I first tried it, I entered the player salary into the Amount field on the team that was trading him, but it worked backwards.  I guess if I enter each piece of the trade one at a time, and enter the player's salary as an amount for the team receiving the player, then it will work.  So I agree this is not a high priority feature, but I do think it was easier and more intuitive in the older version.  Also - since I would need to enter in each salary manually, how would I know what the salary of each player involved in the trade is?  That isn't displayed anywhere that I can see. 


Hi Adam,

Gotcha! The important thing to note with Auction In-Draft Trades is that the salary/auction-spent on that player does NOT transfer over to the receiving team.

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