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Auction Nomination Amount

Please consider adding an option to start a player's nomination at any dollar amount.  A common tactic in leagues I am in is to Nominate a Kicker for $2 (because nobody wants to be the guy that bids $3 on a Kicker).  OR allow a team to input multiple consecutive bids.

However, the only current amount to Nominate is $1, which makes it impossible for the nominating team to be awarded the player for $2.  There are 2 lengthy workarounds that I have found.  

#1 is to sell the player for $1, pause the draft, enter the edit menu and scroll to the most recent pick, and modify to $2; OR 

#2 manipulate the nominating team to somebody out of order so that the correct team can bid the player for $2, then remember and mainpulate the draft order again to correct it.

A custom nomination box nest to the player nomination box would be a great way to solve this particular issue, and would also make it easier to input winning bids for drafts that input the date after a live bidding round.

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Hi Chad. Thanks for the feedback!

Certainly something we'll look into adding for future years!

Thank you,


I agree.  Just had our draft.  And the software is set to automatically only let you bid $1 for the initial bidder.  I can't bid $2.   or even 23.  Fortunately i figured out a way to get around it with a higher bid than 2.  But a winning $2 bid from the nominating team.  I have to always give the winner the player for a $1 and then go to edit and change the bid to $2.  Gets really frustrating after 100 picks into the draft.

Please see about fixing this glitch.

Thank you

This is a must-add fix for next year - certain players never start at $1.  

I've been using this product for multiple years, but the online version is currently a failure with all the hoop-jumping to make it work.  It was easier to work with as a downloadable program.

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