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Name Pronunciation

Some of the team's names of our league and some of the current nfl players names aren't pronounced correctly.  On the previous software there was a place that you could go in and rewrite the name in a way so that the person's name could be said correctly.  Can this be added?  Thanks for your time.

I second this, especially for the team names as it is kinda lame when a name is mis pronounced on every single pick. It seems most of the unique features and options on Fandraft have disappeared with the new online version. I know it probably takes a lot of time to implement all these so maybe there should have been an option to use the software OR the online version this year. Better yet, maybe wait to release a new version until all the cool features of the original were converted over to the online format.

While we haven't added the ability to customize "player name" phonetics, we did just release the ability to customize owner name phonetics:

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