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Songs not switching

Once a team's song 1 is over it doesn't automatically switch to song 2 or 3. The commish must manually switch the songs. hope this is something that will get changed. 

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It takes too much of the Commissioners time to change the songs for each team.  It would be great if it worked like the desktop version where the song changes every round if multiple songs have been loaded.

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Agree completely with Mils Fantasy League....Totally ruins the idea of having songs.....if wanted to pick songs every time, I'd just have everyone bring their own phone and Bluetooth in their own picks every time....  I realize this is your first year going to web based, but you eliminated all of the features that I thought made your system and setup great....  Too late this year as our draft is next weekend, but I'll definitely be doing some more research next year to see who has better tools out all have taken 4 steps back when you were ahead....

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I have been in another league for the last few years and this walk up music feature was the best as it would change songs per round. So I finally bit the bullet and purchased this for my league that I have been running for 20 years now. I was so excited with the song choices then at our draft last weekend I noticed the songs weren’t changing per round and I had to do this manually. This is unacceptable please fix this feature because this was a good one and I want to continue to use this software next year. SMH
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