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Auction Enhancement Requests (Commissioner Mode)

These feature requests are all relating to running a draft in Commissioner mode (i.e. one person running the draft board for everyone else).

1) Is it possible to nominate a player for more than $1 by inputting an initial bid amount when the player is nominated?

2) After a player is nominated, is it possible to assign the player to the winning bidder by choosing the team name and entering the winning bid? Right now we have to choose the winning team, click "Custom Bid," enter the winning bid and then finally click "Draft Player" which feels like a clunky way to do it.

3) Is it possible to completely disable the auction clock so winning bids are manually processed? We're setting the clock to 10 minutes right now just so it won't time out during a bid.

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We have $1 minimum bids. But sometimes an owner will want to nominate a player at $2. Here is an example:

Owner has 2 roster spots left and $3 left. He’d want to bid $2 on a player so that he is less likely to be outbid. If another owner bid $2 after the $1 nomination he’d be stuck. 

Let me know if that makes sense or not, and thanks for the quick response!

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Oh yeah, that's exactly our thinking as well. I think we just misread your initial sample scenario.

This is definitely on the top of our queue feature wise.

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This customizable opening bid has now been added:

Totally agree with all of these. Especially #1. Not sure how I'm going to deal with scenarios where a team nominates a player for $2 and there are no additional bids. Very common scenario with late round QBs and top end DSTs. 

Hi Guys!

Thanks so much for the input.

Quick question to you, Jon:

We're not totally following your scenario, in regards to customized opening bid.

Adrians mention is to allow a Nominator to come out with an amount exceeding the Minimum Bid. For example, instead of Nominating Player X for $1, an owner wants to start the bidding at $10.

This all seems very logical. However, we don't quite follow this scenario of yours:

"I'm going to deal with scenarios where a team nominates a player for $2 and there are no additional bids"

Our assumption is that if they are nominating for $2 in the current system, then your "Minimum Bid" must be $2.

Are you saying that in your league, if a team wins a player for their opening bid, that something is supposed to take place?

Any details to help clarify this would be really helpful!

Is this something on the roadmap for this year or next year? It's pretty critical to our auction draft so we are trying to figure out what to do.

It is very common in later auction rounds to strategically open bids at a certain value so that others cannot bid.

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