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Clicking team for more bidding money

I hope this makes sense,  or maybe i was doing this wrong.   You have an option to put in a custom bid on a team during a players auction.  That is fine but also is not easy to complete.

But my issue if i am missing it is.  The 2019 software I was able to click a teams icon repeatedly to add a dollar at time until i got to the specified amount.   In this new 2020 software i seem to only be able to click the teams icon one time to add a dollar and that is all.  So i got around this by just clicking multiple teams icons to get the teams high bid


Player 1 bid 5 dollars and then player 2 raised it to 8.

So i don't want to put in a customized bid since that takes time and people are bidding after the fact.  I just want to click the teams icon to raise it 3 more dollares. But it only allows me to click it one more dollar.  So i end up clicking 2 other teams icons to add 2 more dollars and then go and click the $8 bidding team to get the bid to $8.

I hope that made sense. 

Maybe i missed something in the settings that i could have just adjusted it.  But i don't think i did.

Thank you for your help.

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