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Team Nicknames Character Limit

It seems the character limit for team nicknames was shortened this year to seven characters. There seems to be plenty of room for at least eight or more characters, several team nicknames in my league utilized eight characters and its just frustrating to cut it off one letter short. 

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Hi Dan. Yes, we saw your disappointment in the TrustPilot review you left.

You may want to read our launch article, which explains the need and reasons for the transition this year:

Because it is a large and ambitious (but necessary) transition, not every minute customizable detail could be carried over. 

However, we found it more critical to be able to release a product that can serve our customers during these challenging times, as well as remain a sustainable business, as opposed to closing up business permanently.

With that said, we do hope to continue to advance and improve the product in many ways in the future.

If you find the product does not meet your needs, we would much prefer you instead contact support directly, and we can see to refunding you.

Thank you very much for your consideration and patience during this time.

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