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Drafting soon! Is there a new player rankings coming out?

Or has it recently been updated?


Would be nice if we could update the rankings ourselves. When using FanDraft to mock it is really stupid that kickers are being taken in the 5th round. Makes it unusable for mock purposes.

Our player rankings are derived from real-time "average draft position" (ADP) data, being driven from actual drafts. This data is graciously supplied by

Rankings are generally updated to match MFL every 2-4 days.

Then why is it auto picking place kickers in the 5th round?


I just checked MFL rankings. Tucker ADP is 160+.

Hi James,

Auto-draft will select players not just based off of ADP, but includes areas such as "positional need" (based on your league Min/Max requirements), Roster Size, etc. It makes sure that every team auto-drafting arrives at a legal roster by the end of the draft. If you find at any time it does not make a reasonable selection in your opinion, you have the ability with Commish mode to simply take the best available player.

I took your input and tried changing the min/max values to see if it affected when Justin Tucker was taken. Nope. Every time he is taken in the 5th round. Here is my last effort to try and force it to focus on RB/WR early. I've tried max values QB = 3, RB = 5, WR = 5, TE = 2, PK = 1, DST = 1. Nothing seems to change how the program is choosing which players to pick.


Try changing PK "MINIMUM" to 0. You can also combine this tactic by increasing the MINIMUM of RB & WR to something higher than 2.

Setting the Minimum to 0 seems to have fixed it. Thanks! Appreciate the support!


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