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Roster Size

We had our draft this past weekend and I wanted to share a few notes about how it went. For this post I will discuss the Roster limitation we ran into, and I will post the rest in the other threads.

I will start by saying that we have a very convoluted league of 27 years now. I understand that it is not possible that all scenarios can be seen and maybe this request is in the pipeline, but I wanted to bring it up because we have been using the older version for several years now and liked that functionality.

We allow a GM to draft 14-20 players, so I set this to 20 just like I have in the past. However, there is new login built into the online version that checks a GM's remaining budget left, predicts the amount needed to reach 20, and will disable bidding if the money is not there. All of my GM's liked that, after it took us 10 minutes to figure out why half the GM's bid button went away at the same time, while others stayed. That being said, the issue is if a GM wants more than 14 and less than 20, that logic gets flawed. So, I went back out and set it to 14, thinking that we could just override the 14 limit like we have done in the past, but the tool disables bidding altogether when the max spots has been reached.

We got around this be adding extra money to the budget to cover the 6 spots between 14 and 20. This made the budget off on the screen, so we had to go into it knowing you really have what is being shown minus the fluff.

It would be nice to have the ability to override this logic when necessary, like we could in the past.

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The way around this would be to have the following settings:


ROSTER SIZE: 20 [or whatever your maximum roster size would be]

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