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Auction Increment Anount

We had our draft this past weekend and I wanted to share a few notes about how it went. For this post I will discuss the Increment amount we ran into, and I will post the rest in the other threads.


I will start by saying that we have a very convoluted league of 27 years now. I understand that it is not possible that all scenarios can be seen and maybe this request is in the pipeline or discussed a bit in other threads, but I wanted to bring it up and how it impacted us.

To speed things up, we rank the top 36 players and auto nominate them (how the nominating was done was not desirable but if you search other threads, you will see how the workaround works... maybe a feature for next year). For these top 36, we restrict the bid increments to be $5. However, I could not find any option anywhere to change the default $1, so each GM had to do a manual entry for each amount, which got very frustrating around the 10 second clock. We would then go to the $1 amount after the 36, which allowed us to leverage the button if needed. It got much easier at that point.

Just need a way to switch bid amounts.

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