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Thoughts For Next Year

My league enjoyed the draft program again this year. There were a couple of things that came out of our draft that are worth noting.

-We didn't even really get a chance to use to the songs for each team owner when drafting. Our draft was in a brewery, so the only way we would have heard it would be to turn the volume way up, and we thought it was unnecessary. From doing practice drafts beforehand, I feel that there should be a way for the songs to loop if there are multiple songs chosen.

-As I mentioned before, it would be nice to customize the player database pool. A way to update the player pictures and information would be a nice touch. There were a ton of outdated pictures and some that weren't even in the program at all. At the very least, allow the user to input them.

-The website idea instead of a program initially sounded nice, but unless the internet connection is great, the program wouldn't work and crashed. The brewery we were in had a decent connection, and it still froze the draft multiple times. We ended up having to use a hot spot just to run the draft. The program the previous year was nice because it was simply a program. No internet connection needed. 

Feel free for others to comment on what they think should be added as well!

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