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More Roster Flexibility Please

Hi, is there a way to let us upload and edit ourour own player names and our own player positions, and unlimited roster sizes w/sub-rosters (reserve lists, taxi squads), etc? I am not asking for you to create anything other than giving your users more room to do the creating.  The reality is this would create a lot less work for FanDraft to have to keep up with rosters and the countless idiosyncrasies of leagues.  Why worry about having to matchup your player database with the infinite number of ways leagues arrange their rosters?  Just let us upload our rosters and arrange the player pool any which way we want, letting us choose who is in the pool (some of us have college players, some use O-lineman, there are countless I could go on and on).  That would be best for everyone.  Your product isnt usable for any of my leagues now because there's at least one idiosyncrasy that FanDraft doesnt account for.  ...and Im not asking you to account for the idiosyncrasies because they change constantly and trying to account for them would mean you'd be chasing your tail.  Please please please make FD vastly more open in terms of player names, player positions, and roster parameters. 

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AGREED! This could also include the ability to edit current player names/positions/teams/pictures. Instead of waiting for an update (which is usually after my draft anyway), let things be extremely customizable and the commissioners could spend the time to update things if they choose. 

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