Some leagues perform hybrid/combination drafts, where the first part is an Auction Style, and then at some point in the draft, it is switched to a Traditional/Regular Style draft.

It is possible to perform a Combination draft with FanDraft, however, it's there are some important points/actions to make note of:

  1. You MUST SET "PICK ORDER TYPE" (eg Serpentine/Non-Serpentine) prior to beginning your draft, and this cannot be changed mid-draft. Whether you start as an Auction or Regular draft, you need to set and save this ahead of time.

  2. When performing this style of draft, we highly encourage you to do some Mock/Practice drafts so you can make sure your settings are all correct ahead of time.

  3. You can exit the draft at any time, go to SETTINGS, and make the switch to "Regular" style from "Auction". Make sure that when you re-enter the draft that all of your remote users hit their browser REFRESH button to assure all of their screen information is updated.

  4. Following the switch, you and your users may likely want to utilize the "ROSTER BOARD" or "PLAYER BOARD" display during the remainder of the draft, as the standard "Draft Board" will become quite confusing to interpret, as the players weren't selected in a standard draft board style order during the first portion of the draft.

  5. If you plan on utilizing a SERPENTINE ORDER, the Auction portion of your draft should be held for an even number of rounds, so that your Traditional style of draft starts on an odd-numbered round.

The "Nomination Order Type" (eg Serpentine, Non-Serpentine) will follow whatever is set at the beginning of your draft, and can NOT be changed mid-draft.
For example:
If your "Traditional Style" of drafting begins with a serpentine style draft order, your Nomination Order will also be serpentine style during the auction portion of your draft, and this cannot be changed.