Starting in 2020, FanDraft no longer sells any type of installable "desktop" client software.

FanDraft changed from a desktop software to an online application, however, it can still be used in the same fashion as it always was. The only exception being that FanDraft is even more powerful and flexible than it ever was.

Users can still use the product for in-person drafts, and it can still be projected or displayed on a TV for everyone to see. 

Our product continues to offer the tools and features that help create the unparalleled draft experience that you are used to, but now fully operational from the web. The biggest benefit is the hugely increased flexibility, which provides the ability to perform both in-person or completely online drafts. If you so desire, a hybrid could even be performed, whereby a league has some owners in-person while others draft remotely.

Commissioner Mode

FanDraft is “Commissioner Mode”, which allows the admin/commissioner to take control at any point in the draft. This provides flexibility for the league to have the entire league draft remotely or none at all (and your commissioner controls the draft manually—ideal for in-person drafts).

For more information on connecting FanDraft to a TV or digital projector, see the link below:


Because we have move platforms, all prior users will have to recreate a new (FREE) online account here: