The ultimate fantasy draft experience.

FanDraft prides itself in providing a platform where our users can have an unparalleled fantasy football draft experience. We all live for draft day. It's like Christmas for adults. So why not go ALL OUT on that day, and elevate your league's draft party to feel like a real NFL draft. 

The first version of FanDraft was launched in 2002, with the intention of providing a more modern approach to the traditional “sticker” draft boards often used at in-person draft parties. The digital nature of FanDraft allowed for a more engaging and realistic experience than the static cardboard draft boards couldn’t provide, and the in-person draft was changed forever. FanDraft helps make a fantasy football draft feel more like an actual NFL Draft with streaming draft tickers, automated draft clocks, and a digitally displayed draft board. FanDraft is the perfect draft companion for your league. It can be projected via a Digital Projector or output onto a large television for your entire league to enjoy. Keep your fantasy football draft organized, and running smoothly, all the while creating a more engaging experience.

A next-level draft experience

  • Traditional or Auction Style Drafts
  • Custom logos and owner images
  • Streaming draft ticker
  • Graphic pick announcements
  • Team walk-up songs
  • PreDraft Presentation to run before you draft begins.
  • Multiple Draft Board displays
  • Chat Area
  • Draft Extensions

Flexibility to the max

In an ever-changing environment, where “how” and “where” we draft changes by the day, FanDraft is built for flexibility to meet your draft needs.

  • Invite a limited number of users or all of them to participate remotely in your draft.
  • “Auto-Draft” available for traditional style drafts.
  • Support for Individual Defensive Players (IDPs), and Rookie Only Drafts.
  • Customize whether a team is skipped, or nothing happens (commissioner control) when the clock hits zero.
  • Detailed “Draft Reports” for use at the conclusion of your draft, which can be emailed and utilized to expedite the entry of the rosters into your league management system.

Perfect for in-person fantasy draft parties, or online fantasy football drafts. Simply login to FanDraft Online, select "Create a new league", walk through the league setup process, and get your draft started. You can export the display to a TV or digital projector for your whole league to enjoy, or you and your fellow owners can participate remotely from laptops / tablet devices.

Make the move to FanDraft

Doesn't your league deserve something better than outdated sticker boards, or unpersonal draft rooms provided by your LM service? Yes, your league deserves the best...FANDRAFT: ONLINE FANTASY DRAFT BOARD