Learn how to allow other users into your league draft and override the invite capacity.

The "Teams" area is where you will set up and edit all of the teams in your league, as well as INVITE owners who will be participating remotely. The commissioner has full control over setting up all of the information about each team and owner. 

Save Team & Invite Owner

Enter the owners name and email address into the proper fields, and then click the "Save Team & Invite Owner" button. You can do this after you have setup all of the teams, or during the setup process.
Once send the invite, an email will be sent to the owner to join your league. Inside that email is a link that they can click

and join your league for free. This owner will then be able to login, and join your draft remotely once you begin it.

Revoke Owner Invite

If you have invited an owner, and they have joined your league, you can utilize this yellow link that states "Revoke Owner" to remove the owner from having access to your league. Once revoked you will be able to setup a new email and owner to invite.