Player Videos - "Video Unavailable: YouTube"

If you using the "Player Videos" feature, you may have tried to add a YouTube video that only provides this message:

Video unavailable This video contains content from NFL. ,

  who has blocked it from display on this website or application. 

That message is telling you that the video contains copyrighted content, used without permission of the copyright owners. Those entities involved (NFL) have exercised their right of ownership to control where their property is being used, and they have blocked it from playback on mobile devices and apps. The only way around this error is to find videos that do not use unauthorized (read that as illegal) content.

One great recommendation is to checkout YouTube user @FantasyDraftVideos for an extensive collection of NFL highlight videos. 

Another option is to utilize either Vimeo (uploading and using your own videos), or accessing "Creative Commons" videos on YouTube as alternatives.

To learn how to perform the latter of these options, see the video tutorial below:

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