How to do a Mock Practice Draft

You can perform an unlimited number of drafts with your league(s). The best way to become familiar with the FanDraft platform is by running some practice / mock drafts. 

As the commissioner, you can turn on the "Commissioner Mode" button, and then make selections on behalf of other teams. While in "Commissioner Mode", remote teams that are participating can still make selections.


It's important to reset your draft after every mock/practice draft, as this will make sure the draft results get refreshed prior to your official draft.

After you have performed a practice draft, simply RESET it by clicking the (...) icon and then selecting "Reset Draft"


If you have an owner in your league is hoping to login to perform a practice draft (for the sake of becoming familiar with the software), there are only two ways this is possible:

  1. As long as you (the Commissioner) is participating in the mock/practice draft with them
  2. You assign this owner with Co-Commissioner access.

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