How do I setup multiple displays / TVs to my computer

Exporting your display

If you have a fairly modern TV and laptop, streaming/mirroring your laptop to a television is quite simple these days. 

To cast to your big screen TV you have a couple of options:

Option 1: Chromecast (recommended)

If you have Chromecast, simply open up Google Chrome and click on the Chromecast icon on the tab.

Then cast your tab to the big screen.

You can still use a different tab to draft for yourself as the commissioner.

Option 2: HDMI

Another option is to simply plug an HDMI cable from your computer to your big screen TV.  The details are different depending on which type of computer or laptop you have.  In this case, your entire screen will be cast to the big screen.

You can make your browser tab go into full-screen mode by pressing Shift + Cmd + F.

For troubleshooting or even more information about this, click the link below:

Creating a 2nd Display

If you want to have two displays (eg 2 TVs) showing the draft at your in-person draft party, this is easily done in FanDraft. Simply open up a 2nd browser with the "Draft Board Display" to your choosing. Understanding how to run dual displays requires a little technical knowhow though, and we provide these external links to educate you more:

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