How much does FanDraft cost?


You can see what the price is on the order page here:

The single price of the service covers your entire league (remote users will draft for FREE!) The FanDraft Football Online Draft Board PRO subscription is good until February 12th of the following year.

How Many Drafts/Leagues Can I Use FanDraft For? 

A FanDraft Pro account allows for a single league. FanDraft Pro Plus accounts can use FanDraft for up to 5 leagues all for the single price. This means you can create up to 5 different leagues to host your drafts You can, however, draft as many times as you'd like with each individual league. We actually encourage users to perform as many mock/practice drafts as desired, so you can become familiar with the software.

Can I use the Pro Plus account for multiple sports?

No. Each PRO Plus account is for a single sport only, and cannot be used across multiple FanDraft sports (eg 3 Football leagues, and 2 Baseball leagues).

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