Can owners make picks from their phones at the draft? Or does commish have to be the one to enter picks?

We occasionally get the question of whether owners can be set up to make selections on their phone at an in-person draft.

While the answer is yes, it is also a total antithesis to using FanDraft.

Most users purchase FanDraft to increase the fun and engagement of a draft, and get away from the dull and sterile experience of owners making picks from devices at their respective homes.

Want to take the onus of work off of the Commissioner's hands?

Maybe set up a dedicate laptop where owners can walk up and enter their picks.

Is it hard for a commissioner to enter in everyone's picks?

Not at all. It takes seconds to add a pick into FanDraft.

Want to ignore our advice, and have everyone sitting silently clicking at their phones during your draft?

You can invite owners, following the instructions here:

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