Picks aren't updating on the draft board unless I refresh!

If you are running a VPN on your computer, make sure to turn it off, as this is often the cause of the issue.

If you aren't running a VPN, then 99% of the time the issue related to picks not automatically updating on the draft board is related to using a work computer, or computer at a place of work, or using a compute with a VERY old operating system.

Work Computers

Work laptops/environments are usually loaded with several security implementations and Firewalls that will block certain types of traffic going through. FanDraft uses socket technology, so make sure that your computer and network firewalls are ok with that type of traffic.

Old laptops with outdated/old Operating Systems:

If your OS is pre-2018, it can cause a lot of issues with not only FanDraft, but most modern websites. Old operating system will run old versions of browsers that still use the outdated TLS protocols that most modern websites are blocking as insecure, and the versions of JavaScript will be far behind what is used on modern websites, in addition to reduced support for contemporary HTML/CSS support.

The solution to this is to make sure you are not using a work computer that is loaded with these Firewalls and blocks, and instead use a personal laptop that can be used in your own controlled internet environment.

Also make sure that if you are using a VPN to turn it off.

Alternatively, if open the Windows Firewall for Port 8080, it should also resolve the issue.

If you have an outdated system, try updating the operating system. If it's still an out-of-date OS, then consider having a league mate run the draft on their laptop.

The other solution is that this can sometimes be a browser issue, and we recommend switching to the Google Chrome Browser.

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