Team Songs/Music stops playing after 30 seconds

If you are using Apple Music for your "Team Songs", and you run into an issue where the music stops playing after 30 seconds (song sample), it is likely that you need to RE-AUTHORIZE your Apple account in FanDraft.

This is especially the case if you set up and tested your leagues on one computer, but are using a different one for your draft.

To Re-authorize your Apple Music:

  1. Go to TEAMS > Click on any Team
  2. Click on the ADD A SONG button

  3. Scroll down to the Apple Search area, then click the green "Please Sign in" button, and reauthorize.

After doing this, you should also clear your Chrome browser cache.

Another possibility is that your subscription to the Apple Music service has expired

Double-check that you are still subscribed to the Apple Music service.

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