How to Increase the Draft Board Viewing Space in your browser

Due to the differences in users laptop/tablet resolution and screen sizes, the number of rounds displayed will always vary. However, there are steps you can take to adjust and improve the experience by simply making some modifications to your browser.

We recommend the use of the Google Chrome browser, for the most ideal experience, and will show screenshots of this browser in the instructions below:

  1. Browser Full-Screen Mode

    If you click on the green circle on the top left of your browser, it will expand your browser view to full-screen.

    This is highly recommended to perform once the draft has started, as it will give you full view of the FanDraft draft board. To exit full-screen, simply press your keyboard ESCAPE key:

  2. Zoom-In/Out

    Also available for modification is the Zoom Out. This is especially useful if you have a relatively small laptop screen, as it will decrease the font size and show more columns/rows on the draft board. To do this, select "View > Zoom Out" from your browser file menu.

  3. Change screen resolution

    The first two recommendations should get you to an idea viewing state. However, if that wasn't enough, one final option is to adjust your computer monitor resolution. Links for instructions can be found below:

    Change screen resolution on a PC

    Change screen resolution on a Mac

  4. (In-Draft) Maximize/Minimize FanDraft header

    Click on the expand icon (image below) within the FanDraft "Draft Room", and you can maximize and minimize the FanDraft header.

iPad / Tablets: Change Font Size in Tablet

Zoom In/Out capability exists in most tablet browsers, which will adjust the font size on your screen.

The image below shows where on an iPad you can press to adjust the size.

Changing Player Name Size

FanDraft provides a tool specifically for changing the player name "Font Size", which can be found and adjusted from the Tools menu:

System requirements: 

FanDraft works on any laptop or laptop device, and we recommend the use of the Google Chrome web browser. FanDraft is not currently available as an app, and is not compatible with phones.

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