How do I change voices on the "Voice Announcer?

FanDraft's "Voice Announcer" feature is based on Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology, driven by software that is installed on your computer system/internet browser. 

To change the default voice, click the "Draft Preferences" gear icon, and then click the "Change Voice" drop-down.


If you don't hear a voice or voice changes after following the instructions above, try these things:

  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser
  • Make sure that your operating system and browser software is up-to-date, and that no updates need to be run.
  • Clear your browser cache, and close your browser. and then reboot your system
  • After rebooting, test if the voice changes were applied to your system and then test them on FanDraft.  If you don't hear the change on your system, then they were never applied.

If after all of these attempts, the voice still doesn't change, it's likely the voices installed on your system simply aren't browser TTS compatible.

NOTE: Pick Announcements do not work on mobile browsers, eg phones or tablets. You must use a laptop to hear pick announcements.

How to Add New Voices

FanDraft does not control the TTS voices installed on your system. While 3rd parties may provide free or premium voices to add to your system, FanDraft does not currently offer support with how to acquire or install additional TTS voices. However, a quick Google search may help put you on the right path.

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