Where is the player "queue" for remote owners?

Note: If the remote owner is "on the clock" and it's their turn to make a pick, they can make a selection.

The "DRAFT PLAYER" button will not exist until they are on the clock.

Player Queue 

A queue allows remote owners to create a list of players that they are interested in drafting. In the cases where they are temporarily not present for their pick, or your timer runs out, the CPU will auto-draft from their queue. Once your queue is empty, the auto-draft will take the next best player based on the team's roster needs.

Adding Players to the Queue

To add a player to the queue: 

  1. Make sure you are viewing the "Player board " display.
  2. Click on the cell of a specific player, and then select "Add to Queue". 
  3. You can hold up to 20 players in your draft queue.

Access the Player Queue

Owners can access their individual draft queues by clicking the queue button

on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Upon clicking this button, the draft queue will open/close.

Player Queue Controls

  1. Sort Players: Click-hold and drag a player up or down to re-sort where they are in the list.
  2. Remove: This will remove the player from your draft queue.
  3. Draft: This button will be displayed when an owner is on the clock to pick. Clicking this button will add the player to the stage to be selected. Once added to the stage, the "Draft Player" button will appear.
  4. Clear Queue: This will empty out the entire player queue.

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