Auction: What is Bid $ Left / Max Bid

In the draft room, you can to "Show bid $ left" or "Show max bid"

Bid $ Left: The total amount of remaining auction dollars a team has.

Max Bid: The maximum amount an owner can bid on the next player

The values of these are decided by a variety of different factors, mostly initiated by values that you input in the SETTINGS area:


If the teams are given a STARTING BUDGET of $100, then when you first enter the draft the BID $ LEFT will be $100. The one exception is if your league uses keepers and assigns a salary value to those keepers. In this case, the amount of BID $ LEFT will automatically deduct those amounts.


The max bid calculation is decided by the following:

The amount of BID $ LEFT, the required number of roster spots to fill (Roster Size), and the MINIMUM BID.

For example:

If a team has 10 roster spots to fill, and the minimum bid is $1, then the Maximum bid would be $91.

That means if an owner bid $91 to win their first player, there would be $1 remaining to acquire each of their next 9 required players.

If your league doesn't require a team to fill out a full roster, the best workaround is to set the "MINIMUM BID" to $0, thus allowing teams to acquire players at no cost.

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