Auction Draft Trades - How Bid$ are handled in trades

FanDraft does  NOT transfer the value of a player during a trade in an auction draft.

For example:
Scenario: "Team A" starts with $100 / "Team B" start with $100
  • If Team A wins a player for $10, that amount is deducted from their Total BID $.
    This would leave Team A with $90.

  • If Team A then trades this player to Team B, no money is transferred or added back.
    Team A would still have $90, and Team B would still have $100

Different leagues treat this action in different ways, but this is how the FanDraft platform works.

If your league transfers bid$ during a draft: 

This can be adjusted by including BID $ in the trade.
In the case above, you could have TEAM B include $10 in the trade, and accomplish transferring bid$ as desired.

Our recommendation is to always make sure to run some practice drafts with such scenarios to become familiar with how things work.

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