I change the "Starting Budget" but teams are still showing original amount

If your perform Auction drafts, you are requires to set an initialized "Starting Budget" for all of the teams in the SETTINGS area:

However, there is also an area in the TEAMS setup to override this amount with a "AUCTION $ TO START" for each team.

You may find yourself in a position where you start a draft and want to correct the "Starting Budget" for teams. However, after changing and re-enter the draft it doesn't seem like it changed. This is because you may have accidentally did things out of order and/or overrode the values within the TEAMS "Auction$ to Start" area.


  1. Go to the TEAMS area and for each team manually type in the correct "Auction $ To Start".
  2. Click the "Save Team" button.
  3. Do this for every team in your league.

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