Why is support not responding to my email?

We pride ourselves on responding to customer emails in a rapidly expedited fashion.

If you are not receiving responses to us, it is very likely that one of the following issues is happening:

  • Our emails are being directed to your Spam/Junk folder, so you aren't seeing them.
  • Your email provider is blacklisting emails from being received by our address, and you aren't even having our responses delivered.
  • When contacting us originally, you provided a misspelled email address.

To resolve these issues, do the following:

  1. Add the "support@fandraft.com" and "draft@fandraftonline.com" email addresses to your email provider White List.
  2. Look in your email SPAM/Junk folder. If you see the email there, make sure to "Mark Not Spam", so the issue doesn't persist.
  3. If you own an outdated email such as Att.Net, Aol.com, or Hotmail: Consider switching to a more modern email platform such as Gmail.

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