Copied settings from prior year, but how do I re-invite owners?

If you created your league by copying your prior year settings, you may notice that there is no "Invite" button for teams to join the new league.

This is because the owners that participated in your draft the prior season will automatically be joined to this new season's draft. You will know this is the case if in TEAMS any specific owner has their email already assigned to the team (as well as the INVITE button won't exist.

All you need to do is send your owners the link below for them to login for access to the league/draft:

How to Remove/Revoke an Owner

If you have a new owner, and/or want to remove a prior owner's access to this years league, then you will simply have to REVOKE their invite. This will allow you to then set up a new owner email and add the ability to INVITE a new owner:

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