Can I perform a Hybrid-Combination Draft (Part Traditional and Part Auction) with FanDraft?

Some leagues perform hybrid/combination drafts, where the first part is an Auction Style, and then at some point in the draft, it is switched to a Traditional/Regular Style draft.

It is possible to perform a Combination draft with FanDraft, however, make sure to follow these instructions exactly:

  1. When you have reach the point in the draft that are ready to switch your draft from auction to regular, click the gear icon on the right-hand side of the draft room, and click SETTINGS.

  2. After selecting "Settings" from the draft room, you will return to the Settings area where you can change your draft style to "Regular".

    At this single moment (and only at this moment), you can also change your PICK ORDER TYPE should you wish.

  3. After making these changes, click the green SAVE LEAGUE CHANGES button.

  4. Note: If you plan on utilizing a SERPENTINE ORDER, the Auction portion of your draft should be held for an even number of rounds, so that your Traditional style of draft starts on an odd-numbered round.


Should you have missed your opportunity to change your PICK ORDER TYPE in step 2, there is a work-around to correct this issue. Simply change your Draft Style back to auction and click Save League Changes, then repeat steps 2 and 3.

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